Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bah Humbugers

Should I dare complain again?

I know some of you out there don't like one particular thing about Christmas.

All that gift giving BS.

Give all year because you want to make someone smile.

Random Acts of Kindness is the way to go.

I like the decorations, carols, food and family, but not the spending. Or pressure of spending.

Spend time. Like I did yesterday- it was a good day to go out and take photos for my Spark 18 project. No poetry this go round. I have photos waiting in a file I have wanted to use. Some were rejected last month, so they are back in the mix.

Okay, on with the story...my sweet tooth (really all of them, and I heard them loud and clear) wanted multi-grain pancakes, eggs and bacon. You know, sometimes food taste better in someone else's kitchen from time to time. The waitress, after taking my order and fouling it up, seated an older person next to me. I began to feel like we were in the 'eating alone' section when she sat the third person on the other side of me. (snarky laugh)

All of us occasionally glanced at each other while we pretended to eat as if we were really alone. Part of me, the chatty E side, wanted to reach out and spark up a conversation, but I respected their privacy. Then it hit me, well when the check was laid on the table and I saw it was under priced from menu listing, I am going to buy these two people breakfast. So I did.

The waitress seemed stunned, so I explained what a Random Act of Kindness was, and told her to tell them Happy Holidays. End of story.

Christmas began as a random act of kindness that grew into a pagan Christian blended holiday.

Spread Joy and Give back to the community is what I say. As I just told Val on her blog, if you want something so badly, you could buy it for yourself, end results are the same as...

(photo above was taken on some trip, and I found it might entertain a friend of mine who writes poetry of Catholic origin)

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