Saturday, December 8, 2012

Are You Coconuts!?!

A man was asked to participate in publishing a book together with his new found friend, a female. He had already begun writing years earlier and knew which pieces he would put with anything new which came to mind. Over a years time he wrote many new pieces and added them to the former, and submitted them to his colleague.

Unfortunately time passed until it was another year before the editor was ready to deal with their book. She hired an editor to review and correct any of the two's writings, and afterward noted so to the female counterpart.

She then contacted the aging male counterpart and gave him the good news. He stated it had been over two years and was quite surprised it took so long. The female tried to reason with the male saying it was not over two years, that it had only been over a year, because they had not turned the manuscript in until a year later after discussing and agreeing to do this project.

Does a marathon runner say he has been running for months or a year rather than the three point five miles it took to finish the race, because all the former was training?

The female counter part knows the male is upset, possibly agitated at the publisher, but the female knows it takes time and the publisher has other writers to contend with.

Do people not realize you cannot build something solid so quickly.

Just because this male has published his own works three other times within a year of the writing, doesn't mean a real publishing house moves so quickly. I have heard of writers talking about publishing and working with editors and it taking years to finish something worthy of being in the readers hands.

The female is just happy her work is worthy...

(photo taken in Honolulu, HI 2012 by author- a refreshing stop along the highway)


dash deringer said...

what do you mean by "a real publishing house"?

Chef E said...

Someone who publishes many authors and does the selling blah blah blah LOL just a rant. I find dealing with older people can be daunting but realize I will be there one day...

Pearl said...

real publisher is a useful term, perhaps not phrased delicately but accurate. anyone can print anything but a real publisher is not doing vanity work for friends, but has an impartial board to assess, is a business with a business plan and bottom line and distribution network and staff of specialists for each aspect of layout, of covers, of arranging publicity, of etc, etc.

it's not unusual for a book to take 6-7 years of shipping manuscripts between publishers and for a book agreed to be published and take 2-4 years from acceptance to page. If you're publishing, you're in it for a long run. No one's going anywhere, except the market.