Friday, February 10, 2012

Somethings Bugging Me

Lil'sis and I often speak of our mother. The memories we have of her, and a visit to a lit magazine I want to submit to gave me inspiration. All in what someone said. They want ashtrays to make a comeback. What if they did.

My mom found beauty in objects like shiny glass ashtrays back then. I found beauty in all things she did.

I doubt they will stop selling some form of them, but not like the beauties they sold when I was a girl, and before.

But smoking is almost to the brink of being band in our homes. Not yet, but almost. They are pushing it and I think if someone wants to smoke badly enough, like mary jane, pot or whatever you call it, they will. Let them smoke. Don't take all of our freedoms away.

Because, you'll never take my memories of it away...

Are Ashtrays Making A Come Back

On a hearth
of any day
sit small jars of sand
and pebbles
memories fitting tightly
under lids; next to

molded awards
moments in a mind’s eye
baring names in clear glass

(poems removed for submission considerations...)


Debbie said...

Elizabeth! Amazing work again here girl! You are on a roll. :) I remember going on those grade school field trips and always getting my dad an ashtray, if I could. The last one was a whale and you put the ashes in its mouth.

Jim K. said...

Pretty good condensation!
A richer sauce as they say.

FrankandMary said...

I just told someone: Resolutely cheerful people are irritating.

Well, no chance of that here.
But even things that are chaotic & tragedy-filled can leave some good memories. ~Mary

Pearl said...

yeah, saw an ashtray in a Sally Ann's and couldn't place right away what it was. dance halls and the thin ones made of almost foil. a condo building near here has no smoking written into its by-laws.

Chef E said...

I'm keeping the poem for later submissions, since I saw someone has already published 'Ashtray' on the site I was considering. Oh well.