Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I think I did it, I know

I have woken up refreshed after a good nights, well at least six hours, which is two hours more than usual lately without a nap at some point (snoozing in the dentist chair). Yeah, I'm dangerous. Okay, back on track...I finished that poem from a few days ago. the 'Ashtray' piece(s) I wanted to shorten. Say things compact like 'collectable, depression, and give you a view of what I watched when my mom smoked using those pretty and big ashtrays of my youth'. Here...

Collectable Memories

goblets and bowls and ashtrays
congregate with cabinets and curios
buried under mountainous mail
dusty reminders
coating mental illness
and compulsive smoking
a child’s hours measured
in blank stares
atop a growing mound of ashes
moved from corner to corner to middle
and back in delicate ruby lane shaped mouths
spewing out cremated remains.

There. I had to shave off, and maybe someone would say I could do it even more. Maybe, but would it say what I wanted. Maybe. A world of maybe's, is a world painted with rainbows. Yep, my kind of world. Sorry FrankandMary, but inside I fight with 'happy go lucky' and 'demons' every morning...but I still am smiling!

Peace to you all this glorious February day. May you at least find a heart in your cereal in the form of a marshmallow to call your Valentine...smooches to you all!

I hope you all know 'I love you'...(Bradley in mind here).

Photo above is what I saw when hubs walked in the door from work last night...


Bagman and Butler said...

That's a pretty powerful piece!

Pearl said...

tastes vary of course but the first 3 stanzas and "her mother’s priceless attention...signs of death and glamor." were the most striking to me. they were grounded in showing rather than telling something summative. we could look around.

findingstrengthtostandagain said...

What a beautiful piece, once again, you have shared with us. I think you have such talent. We are the fortunate receivers of your gift.