Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Sneak Peak

Not sure if I have ever mentioned it
but I love 'Sharp Teeth'
by Toby Barlow
it is a free verse novel
he has received many praises by his peers

for Spark 15
I have written my own
free verse piece
for Michael Baca's drawing (a piece of it above)
my inspirational piece

he has a thing for eyes
windows into the soul
here is a sneak peak of my response piece
you just don't know
if it is beginning, middle, or end

to her puzzlement
Doctor Sweet reluctantly replied
“We have a new neighbor next door”
he stopped, and leaned into the counter
with a funny smile
under his funny mustache
his hand reached over and scooped out chocolates
sprinkled stars popped right in his mouth
continuing with a smacking sound
"Ms. Plume has rented space- she is
a Papier"
It’s plum ridiculous!”
he then offered Erin a sweet treat
but as quickly as his hand reached out
he dropped it back neatly
into its compact jar

she thought
who has money for such frills
the time had come for her release
she began hatching a plan
each following day
when it had been promised
again she would sweep, mop, and wipe
no matter how much anticipation and mystery dominate
there were dreams of helping poor Ms. Plume
alleviate and open at least one
those finely crafted
and smelly boxes

a few rock candies
made their way into her pocket
with a day’s dust and lent
to soften her father’s blow
and on that night
giving him no troubles with chores, dinner, and homework
and bed
finding sleep would be easy
it meant rising to begin anew
which Erin found hardest
bones and muscles throughout the body were taking on life of their own
oh how they ached and moaned!

I'm excited
to put the whole piece up later today
for now
I will try and sleep
damn insomnia
but work is good on all accounts.


Debbie said...

Wow Elizabeth . .. your writing has just taken on a life of its own. I love this! Congratulations! :)

Jim K. said...

love the styling