Saturday, February 4, 2012

Can't Keep Up With Me?

Don't worry, I can't either at times.

The site is live. Our February Issue is up and filled with lots of poetry, prose, flash fiction, artwork, and photography.

Many really good writers and artist submitted, and it was hard for editors to chose. We are excited so many people sent us their work. But we could only take so many.

Take a look... Z-composition

Also we now have a blog, EatMoreBrains. Once it is up and running we will feature essays and articles from various sources.

Often I find myself wondering what happened to all of my followers here, why don't I have new ones, no one leaves comment...then I realized someone is looking, because I get goose pimples and good vibes coming my way. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my rants!

PS- A little unrelated news to add. I've submitted seven poems this year so far, and have had three accepted so far. Excited! Working on writing and submitting more.


Jim K. said...

Barely anyone rattles about
the po blogosphere anymore,
and most visitors hardly
ever comment. Was much busier
5 yrs ago but most left for
facebook, which gives the illusion
of engagement because validation
is one click instead of a little

Still, a blog is a public posting.
I think of it as a museum...
over time I keep the representative

Chef E said...

I know, unless your a mom or food blogger you don't get much traffic here. All the old followers are my friends on facebook LOL, but even now they speak less and less