Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fire In The Sky

I'm getting used to waking up early these days. Because the first thing I see is this. I have a small opening at the top of the shades, and after a certain time writing and web surfing I look up to see what the sky will say.

Today it says 'On Fire'. So I go back to my writing till I hear hubs alarm go off and we have to get going for the day. It's peaceful. Embrace this alone time it says.

My son did not come this past week. He decided to stay longer in Asia, and is having too much fun avoiding responsibilities. What can we do, he is grown in age and body, but the mind is not so there yet.

My writing is going well. Working on new website and other stuff. Work is going well. So busy I almost don't have time to post on any site. I am hoping to have others do the writing on Z-composition sites. Waiting, and have three or four coming.

We've been cooking, but not taking so much pictures for posts. I don't want to let that one go, but will not post as often. Even Jessie Carty has been so busy, she is not doing Make Friday Write the past two weeks. Busy lives. Glad you are all doing well. I'll always be here every now and again. But speaking of writing...

There's Fire In The Sky

And I’m running late
written words float upward
in coffee clouds
rushing me and the devil

side by side
his smoke never settles
mystical books and bible promises
your soul or mine

morning comes too early these days
it's still dark but then a fire builds

in the morning, in
the morning
see it rain down
through winters cold
hard branches snap and sway
on eyes sight
shrieks of eagles, crying
in the morning, in the

morning has it
on chief authority
we have missed our ride.


farmlady said...

Love this one Elizebeth.
"written words float upward
in coffee clouds.." Great line.
You may be writing less but your poems are wonderful and you add more about your life and your feelings when you do post. Like that.
This is a really good poem. Remember that the sunrise is something to be counted on, something consistent and ever present. It's always there... even behind the "clouds".

Pearl said...

yeah, seems busy season. I don't remember a February in past years being that. go figure.

like the poem. strong images and sweeps. good comic end.