Wednesday, December 31, 2008 that I think about it...

I was over at Jeanne's blog, Raisin Chronicles and read her funny story of an old acquaintance wanting closure (funny how men remember things differently than women!).

This got me thinking...a few months ago I discovered (yeah it took me a while didn't it) that I could do a search for my first boyfriend, Leslie Joseph Macsas. A beautiful tall dark haired Lebanese boy who stole my heart and virginity at the age of almost eighteen.

We started dating at fourteen, he was sixteen... He lived across diagonal from my house and the neighborhood used to play soccer in the street, and every now and then he would come out and kind of take over the game (his younger brother hung out with us). So one day, shy little me shot the finger at him *shock*. Well, lets just say he took me up on the offer (yes someone had a crush) and the finger part did not take place for another four years.

He was a virgin, I was a virgin, and what do two virgins know about moving fast... Plus, like Jeanne, my mother drilled the idea in my head I would get pregnant, and years later it did turn out I was fertile myrtle.

Okay the story is he decided that I had married another guy when he went off to the Navy, and my heart strayed, so he decided to take off with a girl he knew from high school. Today they are still married, and I have wondered if he thinks about was telling my sister that I had found out he only lived a few miles from where I lived with my childrens father. I had seen his sister and brother many times and asked them to have him call me during those years, but I figured they felt it was not a good thing, since he had gotten married and maybe had a brood by then.

My sister called his house and his wife answered...because I was too chicken and she will do anything...sorry Mary...but she told the girl that she used to date his brother Steve (true) and wanted to see how they all were. The wife asked her if she wanted to talk with Leslie or Steve, she was confused, and from the sound of it rather pissed off that an old girlfriend would call to begin with. They hung up after sis gave her a phone number, and once again there is no phone call.

Reality is...he is probably bald and fat like his father...still smokes (which I do not care for)...and I saw the neighborhood he lived in...I have a much nicer situation with the man I am in love with today...and the sex was not that good!

So to Leslie...I found closure...and you lost out on the best thing that was worth waiting for...I did get divorced only a few years later.


Beth said...

ahhh...I would LOVE to see what my first boyfriend looks like! I know people "google" people all the time, but I am such a loser....I don't know how to do it!

But at least you ahve closure....and much better sex!


doggybloggy said...

beth - you go to google and you type in their amaze me sometimes