Monday, December 1, 2008

Morning is gone...

I just looked at the clock and it is already 2:34 PM, where did my morning go? I decided that since a client canceled our appointment I was going to dedicate myself to reading blogs of my followers. To catch up on their past writings, and I am glad I did.

Lainie blogs about tea (, but I noticed she has many interesting other indulgences as well. Beth, Magpie, and all you others are wonderful. I have found it hard to make quality friends here in the NE, and cherish the warmth I receive from the blogs, and responses on my own silly'ness rambling.

After a long conversation with my new friend Gen here in NJ, we have committed to help each other beyond our realm of 'positive energy' quest we already do each week and find a way to be accountable to eating an even more healthy diet when we go out together. She agreed to read some of the blogs I forward to her (she does not read as much as she would like), because I found some though provoking writing that would give us more opportunity to express our views 'be transparent' as Lainie writes, and to practice my own popular expression 'The Art of Conversation'...with out provocation.

I have more to sort through, and the PJ's are staying on through dinner!

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Beth said...

pj's at 2pm?....sounds like a perfect day to me!! I plan on doing that very same thing today.

it IS hard to make "real" friends sometimes....I appreciate my blog friends so much. You/they bring such joy to my life and I feel so loved. it's great.