Friday, March 22, 2013

My Town Friday Shoot Out- Childhood Pleasures

Snowy did snow in Texas, still does, but not like it does here in New Jersey. Eventually the snow left and was replaced by icy roads. I hear they get it, but it melts too quickly.
Reading..this is my clients daughter, and boy does she love to read. I have begun opening up books with her and the older sister while the food cooks, and point to a picture and we make up our own story. She loves that. I love their laughter, because it reminds me of my own children when they were this age. Fun times!
Childhood friends...these two girls are twins I grew up with and am still friends with today. Their mother had to work full time to make ends meet, so they stayed across from us, with their grandparents. I can still hear grandpa yell "Sister!" to them when it was time to go in for dinner. I love these two. We are like one big happy family still.
Fishing, and with my father. I still fish today, but with my husband. We were in Hawaii fishing with some friends when I took this. Truly paradise, and double times after you pull in a fish!

Pets! We all had them growing up, or at least something. Remember pet rocks? This is my handsome son Aaron with his dog Logan.

How can I not post something without including food! Pickled Okra and cucumbers. Something my mom made and I still do today. Don't you just feel the pucker as it hits your mouth!

Thanks for coming over and sharing with me...I would add more photos, but the post can get too long, but here are a few other things I loved as a child...tomatoes, fried and fresh sliced; bikes; pizza; soccer and tennis, swimming, and so much more!


Kerry said...

I love pickled okra, used to eat it when we lived in Alabama. And boy do I ever remember liking snow days:) Do you have snow right now?

farmlady said...

I've never had pickled Okra but I know my husband would love it. He loves okra anything.
You son is a handsome dude. Love the photo of he and his dog.
All interesting photos... each with their own story and memories.
Nice post.

Pauline said...

You got my attention with the little girl reading. Also love the fishing rod shot! Two pleasures I've carried from childhood to adulthood.

Rebecca said...

I think snow was one of the most exciting childhood pleasures in our home.

Jama said...

I grew up reading lots of books but because we were quiet poor then, the library became my second home. I just love to read, until the internet come along. :p

Pearl said...

sounds like a great getaway time.