Saturday, March 9, 2013

AWP 2013, Boston- Almost Over

It has been a journey. And one that has so many things going on, ones head spins.

My roommate Athena has been a good experience. She tends to be a bit shy around people, and with the apartment situation, she on one end, me on the other, everything has worked out.

There has been lots of snow here, making it hard to get around, and that has been  a challenge for me physically. Water puddles as people slush through, my shoes full of icy fallout, and still fighting residual flu cough. I actually think now it has turned into bronchitis. Thank goodness the doctor gives me extra antibiotics just in case.

I will go home later today and with a pile of books. The readings have been great, and the classes and panels even better. Networking is the name of the game here. I will most definitely go next year. A few people have already been notified of my arrival. Yes, I am a planner! Athena and I have decided to have a table together at the bookfair. Maybe even Jessie Carty will join us- Linden Avenue Literary Journal, Red Dashboard Publishing, and Jessie Carty books.

How are all of you? May your last days of winter be filled with peace and forgiveness...

(photo above- Towne Restaurant with new friends, left to right, Maurice, Athena, Terri, Me, and Seema)

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