Thursday, September 6, 2012

For You

Farmlady and Thursday Poem Share (poems taken down after a week)...

True Crickets Cry For The End Of Summer

Darn the noisy bugs
out across the wild field
finding their way into the mind
into the corners of many rooms
each of us occupy

now and then mothers gift brass boxes
covered with squares and floral holes
too small for round bodies
to squeeze and wriggle out
filled with pieces of grass and twig

a bad imitation of a world outside
“are you awake” they chirp
to the end of the woods
over big cat owl and frog
woodpecker answers with series of knock

fallen limbs silently decay in their grasp
fall has peeked over a brick wall
noses begin sensing frolic a muck
once in a blue moon chances
for tide ballets and movement

toward other pond shores
scenes of cheese ripening in cellars
grapes on the vine begin bursting with flavor
persistence of the bloom clinging to sunlight
streaming through heavy green canopy

desert plants find rest in the shorter day
winter coats begin to breath
while insects have nuzzled in warmth
few find their way so sound
as a closet left unattended

humorously under broom bristles spiders wait
late summer rutting season begins
vivacious hunger songs glide off antenna and leaf
“answer females” your males are disturbing
precious human sleep!

(above picture is CD label) Cast Iron Tempo: Southern Poetry, Prose, and Song is available for sale. $8 plus shipping and handling! Music by local friend musicians/songwriters/poets has been set to 12 of my poems.

I have sold ten copies so far. Need to get out to more open mics and read before I leave for Texas this month.

Have a beautiful end of the week and weekend everyone!


Jim K. said...

Very nice musing.
Parts remind me of the
"circles in your mind" song.

Jim K. said...

Love the musings.
"...circles round your mind.."