Friday, September 28, 2012

Austin City Limits

Well, I am really in a small place southwest of Austin, and really San Antonio. I am at a writers retreat in the hill country. In BBQ and Tex-Mex heaven. Friend heaven too. I am also very inspired by what my classes and piers are teaching me. I was also asked to do a short talk about ezines and how reading and publishing on the internet has evolved. Big pants, and I hope to fill them some how.

Discovery is going on every minute. One is the fact that the food here isn't tasting as good as I remember it, and possibly I can live with out it. Eating here at the lodge site has me realizing being on a forced diet would benefit me. I brought a few treats, and am glad I did, because some of the food (sweets) are not to my liking. I am a picky sweet eater.  After speaking with the head kitchen guy, because he offered for us to speak up, I am checking before hand about gluten free. Gluten is all over this place. I won't starve.

My concern is because it is raining heavy and you cannot walk on the limestone wet here. I am glad it is raining because it was a hot, okay damn hot drive from Dallas to Austin area in my son's truck (daddy's truck he left me). It broke down the first day I picked it up (after being left with a mechanic for a check up). I had everything fixed and then the AC went out. I view it as a way to sweat off a few pounds. We will be sitting most of the day, although I am upstairs in my (am happy about this) no roommate quarters. Yay! A room all to myself when originally I signed on as a bunk buddy.

I have never done a retreat. Always wanted to, and recommend it. I have no problem meeting strangers, men or women, and I picked the perfect maiden retreat.

This canyon is a wonder. Just wait till I upload the photos from my phone. Oh and it is a new phone. I laundered the other smart phone a few days ago. Smart phone. Dumb user.

Hope all is well with y'all. Peace and hugs to each and every person...

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Pearl said...

living the adventure. nice.