Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Issac Hits New Jersey

Say goodbye to summer; it's sailing away from us-- again.

Promises of color and cool days ahead. The spiders only got bigger because of the lack of winter last year. Let's hope the bugs are in check, I can't take another itchy bite, or having to knock down a web off the patio door.

How has your summer been? Do them bugs find you tasty too?

Lots going on the home front for me- Work. Cooking up new recipes. Writing, and family fun.

New pieces accepted in magazines, and a check for 'A Summer's Kiss' poem. That was a surprise.

Live life and laugh a lot. Not much else to do. Oh, Love all you can. I am.

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farmlady said...

Yes, you're right, Summer is slowly disappearing. I can feel the difference. It's wonderful. Still hot but the nights are cooler and things are changing.
A friend got a spider bite. Ended up almost dying. She was in the hospital for a week. They think it was a brown recluse. Nasty stuff.
Be careful.
Oh... I loved the post on your Cook Appeal site. The Dose or Dosai pancake thing is interesting. I will try to find an Indian restaurant and order some. In fact I just ate at one, in Walnut Creek, with my son last weekend but I didn't know about this. Maybe next time.I will also look them up and see how you make them.
Take care my dear.