Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Whoot Hoot to Feathers

I'm feeling better. I have had a lot of distractions from writing lately, so I decided to go to a dark place, like many artist in history have done. Actually, many people call it resting.

This week I had some tests done, still waiting for the results, and figure it all boils down to resting. I was sick with kidney stones two weeks ago, took a heavy duty antibiotic...we all know what they can do...kill anthrax. This time it almost killed me. Not really, but felt like it. I'm fine.

What really lightened up my drab day...hubs walking in with this weeks Wednesday's US1 filled will Summer Edition 2012 Poetry, Prose, and Flash Fiction. And one was moi!

'A Summer's Kiss', Annmarie Lockhart's favorite! Well, she has tried to submit it for me via some venue's she is part of. I also submitted it to a few. Should have known the ...Jersey kiss line would get'm in the ole puss. Uh huh.

Take a look in US 1- Page 33

NOTE: This was not my fav and one of nine poems submitted, two files, one five and the other four poems. Funny how after you go back to a file and see what they chose, you realize the others just really didn't fit the editors taste. You know, just don't ask me how.

(title relates to: another feather in my cap)


farmlady said...

A Summer’s Kiss.

Have you ever
had a kiss
that was
Juicy Red; it
ran down your chin,
you could chew on the embarrassment,
and went back in for more.
Salty tears rolled
down a cheek;
velvety texture
a moment
a touch of perfection.
Love is.
vine ripened Jersey tomatoes.
— Elizabeth Akin Stelling

This is wonderful!!
Keep resting and take care of yourself.

Chef E said...

Unfortunately farmlady, I cannot post the actual poem, because it appears in their publication and they may consider this published...

Thanks for the support Mrs. C., you have always encouraged me :)

Pearl said...

glad you're feeling better.

Chef E said...

I'm back...I think it all boiled down to needing rest...things have been crazy around my neck o'woods!