Wednesday, July 11, 2012


is the month heat takes hold
sweeping down
across Continental Divides
things begin to die

things are reborn
       in time
hopes take flight
hanging on
the tiniest of threads
cottonwoods shake
from the slightest breeze
sending catskin
        to dance

weeping willow hanging so dread
wrapping those lost in its arms

a mother misses
        more ground
than time left 
faces seem blank
        as eyes close to dream
as small hands reach
for new life
on winds of chance.

Anelisa Diane Dillion
March 1st, 1986 - July 14th, 2000

She was my chance to dance on the stage of beauty...

(BTW, this poem is evolving over the course of days; until Saturday, then I move on. Moving on is what it's all about in healing.)

James father adored parents, already heavily aging from a rough life really had little time (also, their own request) with her. It was too emotional for my mother with her mental illness to handle the idea her granddaughter was not going to live with heart disease. Anelisa was like a porcelain doll until the age of five, after her second and third surgery, Dr. Nikado had her more oxygen to grow with the new shunts; it allowed her to walk and explore more. 

We take breathing for granted...having Asthma all my life and my own heart disease, I never will.

The tale of the purse...she carried one everywhere she went, and would ask me for lipstick so she would have something in there. At this time she had grown in height, but her body was still somewhat baby like in form. I miss her hugs...

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farmlady said...

Oh, Elizebeth, this is beautiful and poignant. This poem brought tears. Sometimes there are no acceptable reasons for the things that happen in our lives, but you always handle this tragedy with grace and beauty.
I'm very proud of you.