Monday, July 9, 2012

Just Beautiful

Hydrangea heaven has begun on my patio this week.

I've noticed blogs with photos of their gardens and farms get lots of hits, and I feel if there was a remote possibility of me even getting a farm of place with space for a garden, I might not post at all! There is a small space around my patio that allows for some gardening, but unfortunately the work is more than I can bare when it gets the tinniest bit hot. Also my neighbor and I noticed years ago the cement floor of the patio is way under the level of dirt they brought in, so the minute it rains we have muddy black patios period. Lots of work to keep this clean, and we have had lots of rain lately.

However! I have the best hydrangea bushes around the hood. Last year neighbors began asking me what I did to them. Hmmm what has to be done to produce such great ph balance. I know you can go from pink to blue, but hardly ever go blue (purple) to pink. Nor can you go white to pink or blue. Mine are the pinkest of any that grow around the buildings here. I compost the soil in the winter, and turn it over regularly. This is the first bloom of my two bushes out back, and I'm a proud mom.

My son stopped by a flower shop a few weeks ago and bought his girlfriend hydrangea stems. I laughed as they ohhhd and ahhhd over them. Then I told them in a few weeks they will be all over the back yard for free!

Whats your favorite flower? Mine are Dahlia, origami orange.

I wish there was space for growing those, they would do well here, but my sun is limited to late summer. It is the reason I cannot grow container vegetables and tomatoes. I have the divider walls to do it now, but observing the sun over the course of the years, there is limited sun. This bud above is on the bottom of the bush. I'm afraid it is because the sunlight leaks through the great pines out back in afternoon. I'm hoping more pop up soon.

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