Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Anelisa!

Today is my daughters 25th birthday!

I miss you girl, but I still feel your arms around me, and the laughter! Here is a piece from my manuscript- which originally (not this exact poem) Jessie Carty suggested I begin writing about my experiences with loss, and move toward my first book...

Conversation with My Daughter

I can only imagine what it was like
when you took your last breath

The nurse told me you woke up from surgery
she asked you if you wanted a drink

as the light shined brightly over you
the heart pumped rhythmic songs of life

I imagine your eyes wide open
fear and adrenaline trying to make sense of the moment

did you want mom, or those darn cats
who waited outside the house for your return

I was told Oreo moved in with the neighbor
an older lonelier woman

cats may sense things as time ticks away
that they hold grudges

when loved ones go missing
some may even have no problem moving on

unlike humans who cling to thoughts


Katherine said...

Thinking of you today Elizabeth on your beautiful daughters birthday! That is a beautiful photo of her amongst the flowers!!

Jim K. said...

Heart goes out.
So much to miss.
Too much to never have had.

Debbie said...

Beautiful poem, dear E. I so glad you could write this. It's perfect. Sending up birthday love to your angel Anelisa.
hugs here for you.

Sara Williams said...

Lovely poem. Thinking of you so much. She is forever in your heart x

Pearl said...

I hear the human note, the mother note and the jealousy for cats being able to move on

except cats pine, fret, pace, are distressed when their person or other cat is missing or ill even for a short time. they hold grudges for years when their person goes missing.

Chef E said...

Pearl, duly noted! I realized it was over years this loss in the cat's eyes had taken place, and not really knowing cats well, they were hers, I only helped, it did seem Oreo did not come back as often as she once did...research does not state a 'mental' capacity, only physical behavior...how interesting!

Pearl said...

"research" is often biased to be "avoiding anthropomophic" by pretending we are unlike every other species. such as research "proving" fish cannot feel pain therefore fish hooks are humane and cause no distress therefore no sin.

but yes, point taken, it was long ago.