Friday, March 11, 2011

Some Confessional Creative TMI

Not much writing going on the past three days.

Even today has been void of ideas to paper. I know do we always have time to write? 

I now realize, or should I say "I remember why I did not write much before my cafe closed three years ago". Wow. Isn't it funny how time goes by in what may seem like... a virtual bullet train. You bought your destination ticket, say to do a NaNoWrite, and then just as you step up to the yellow line on the platform and look to see if the train is on hear the sounds. A rushing. Like in the movies when water has burst over the dam. You can hear the gears, or wheels on the tracks, as the pinions and metal clash together. Then WHOOSH; it takes your breathe as it shoots past the platform. A killer moment. Did you feel that? Do you take the time to lose yourself in those moments? You do. You really do.

You realize your train is not far behind. But you also realize, minutes have passed you by. Waiting has passed. In a 'waking' moment we see how time got on that passing bullet train and left us behind. Why didn't we take that train? Hmmm. Not sure really. Maybe I didn't know about it? Silly me. We know what works for us. There is purpose to everything, right?

Yep, after working two long days in a row. Soaking in the recipes for the gourmet food products. Lifting. Sorting. Mise en place. Mixing. Bagging. Oh and do not forget the measurements. The digital scale. Gosh I had not used one of those since culinary school. Never needed one, as I only made desserts on a smaller scale. There is that word again, scale. A way to measure time, in our minds. Okay, back to my work day. Testing new flavors. I love that part of the job *big smile*. Wrapping and freezing. Yes, when I was hired to consult with this company last year, I made suggestions upon watching the women work, that she should freeze the product before rolling it out. It helps make the dough more pliable to shape. Like when you want to get precise slices of meats, you freeze them. Something I picked up along the way.

The first day, when I got back into my van to drive home...and Phew! was I tired.

The second day...I was looking forward to the weekend. LOL. The opposite of my job years ago. Weekends were the killer. The busy of culinary and hospitality. Unless you work conventions in hotel. They have long work weeks period.

I was contacted by a local college to submit my resume for a teaching position. I did it. Updated my resume and sent it, since they had an old copy. Do I really want to work full time? No. Why? Because, as I started off saying...I remember why I did not write. Hardly at all. I love writing again. If I take on too many jobs, which I love what I do and staying busy, I might be too tired to hit these keys, or scribble in my notebooks. There was purpose in my life as it was. But I have a choice now.

I am waiting at a platform, and am just going to enjoy the WHOOSH! go by. I might even just sit here on a bench and write a story about how working this new job has reminded me of who 'I' really am.

It also gives me some good writing materials. I wrote Haiku in the flour before we cleaned up. The girls were amused. Next time I will take a photo of that good use of time.


blueviolet said...

You're making an impact on how things are done with that new job. That's very cool. I understand what you mean about working part time though. You need to fulfill yourself in several ways!

Chef E said...

Hey Nut! Yes, and the fact we are not getting any younger hits us in the face...not that I do not have lots more time to sit on the platform, but you just never know.