Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vox Poetica Has Done It Again

My eyesight has been bothering me, but did we really see this on the turn into Englewood, New Jersey?

Rumors are persisting that Zombies are becoming more wide spread on our continent. I do not own a copy of the manual- The Zombie Survival Guide. A guide to practical skill and knowledge of combating to avoiding Zombies. Luckily we met none on the path up north.

Oh well...As usual Annmarie host a great line up of writers and poets. On occasion I have brought a musician-singer/songwriter to throw into the mix. The Englewood open mic'ers do not mind. Flora Newberry was a hit last time. Phil Southard, a musician friend of mine came along last night, but he was more into helping video and having coffee. The readings were wonderful!

What am I freaking talking about? Vox Poetica's monthly Open Mic @ Starbucks Coffee in Englewood, New Jersey of course!

Pasquale and I tag team some of our work from the upcoming book, One Hundred and Thirty Years Of Love. I even read excerpts from my Zombie book. However it was very hard to read when Patrick Shea was cracking up from line to line, which made me laugh out loud and forget my place. Patrick is a local talent, he does copy writing, and is an editor for a creative arts (New Jersey) magazine. He was insistent I include him in on the finished manuscript. I was happy all of our material was well received!

We also enjoyed Stan Galloway a Professor who drove up from Virginia, Bridgewater College; Patrick Shea, David Messineo- Sensations Magazine (New Jersey), and many others who read their works. It was a great night, and well worth the drive!

Want to know more about performing at this venue? Contact me and I will let you in on the dates and time each month. 

The gracious and beautiful host herself- Annmarie Lockheart

Vox Poetica Open Mic @ Starbucks, Englewood, New Jersey, 17 East Palisades Avenue- Month to Month


keri said...

I'd rather be living among Zombies than REAL FRIKIN HOUSEWIVES!!

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Pearl said...

glad you had fun.