Monday, February 28, 2011

My First Manuscript Is Done!

I did it.

No, I did not kill my husband, but I came close a few times this past week.

My goal was March 1st this year to finish my first manuscript. My first poetry book.

My first and unrealistic goal was November of this past year. But I had only begun this past summer. I picked myself up, and dusted myself off; then I got back into the swing of writing again.

What counts is my first book manuscript is done.

I hope never to re-visit some of those old wounds. God, the wine and sad music I had to put on to even begin to write this past week. Argh!

I have wanted to do it since I was young. I told so many friends I was going to publish something, I was not sure what, but I was going to be a writer. Sure life got in the way, many excuses for me, but things seem to be clearer now.

Thanks to all of you out there who support me, encourage me, and antagonized me into doing it. Also doing it right. Two in particular via email, pointing out my bad writing habits. I have been working on them. I never really cared about my blog writing. I guess because I know I am not going to get anywhere with it. Lame huh?

Realizing I was still fucked up from Anelisa's death and my own lack of excitement for life, I had begun to work on things this past year. But I have poured myself into my writing outside of blogging.

Its done. I emailed it to the publisher an hour ago.

Now, I am waiting for what happens next.

Ah yes, the waiting game.

Now to start sending out finished work to journals, on-line and actual paper journals. I am really getting excited now!


dash deringer said...

good for you... I am happy and proud of you... think about this though, some advice given to me from a best selling, award winning writer, and good friend of mine - "write what people want to read, not what you want to write"... does that make sense? hope it helps.

farmlady said...

You have done something amazing. You have written a book of poems. I'm so proud of you Ms. Elizebeth.
You set a goal and you finished your manuscript. That is quite an accomplishment. It's something I would love to do. You have set an example for you surrogate mother. If only that you have inspired me to write more poetry.
I agree with Dash's friend that you should write what people want to read... but it's must always be from your heart. It must always be true.
You are a very complex person and your writing reflects this. Please stay true to yourself.
Here's to publishing your book.
Good luck and best wishes....

Jim K. said...

Not all followship...
Leadership has two legs.
One foot in what they want,
the other reaching into
something more you have.
Saying what they have to read...
is vision.

Debbie said...

Oooo . . .loved Jim's comment. Very good. I'm so glad you have him in your corner. :)
Now . . .YOU DID IT!!!!! Yippeee!!!!
That wasn't an easy project for you from any angle. I'm so proud of you, E. And you know, I'm getting in line now to buy a copy, okay? It's going to happen. . .
Time to go do a happy dance for you!

Chef E said...

Thanks everyone!

Yes Jim, I have read that. Been reading writing and poetry mags for years. Movies are made from best sellers, and half of them were written well before people discover them, but that rare few come out and BAM they are all over. Some sit dormant before they make it into the stream of popularity.

I wrote this upon suggestion from several supporters who felt my strength was in being a mom who lost. There is a need for books which walk away from main stream grief/loss books, for a younger generation of parents who need to see they are not the only ones who feel this way.

Pearl said...

hey, excellent. glad you pushed it on thru! Good on you for sending it out into the world. a brave step. good luck on the reception of it and should it bounce, pop it back in the mail some place else.

rest up, expect a gully of lack of sense of focus and direction, some vague depression trough of a project over and get your next one started now.

Pearl said...

this might also be useful to read.

Marcus Goodyear said...

Congrats! This is big news to finish a manuscript. Like you said, the next step is waiting and waiting and waiting.

The other next step, and the harder one maybe, is to keep writing.

Let me know when it comes out!