Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Art of Prose

Allison Benis White, Self-Portrait With Crayon

I sadly apologize, my mind still is hiding the blog, or place I read about Allison's book. Sure it may not matter to my readers, but it does to me! We are not ready to admit the mind is going in bits and pieces the past few years. Notes! I need to keep notes. Oh well.

I searched Book of Kells and found this Thankful Thursday: Victoria Chang interviews Allison Benis White. Interviews can be fascinating. You pick up on personal preferences by the authors or such. Something you might not know just by reading their work.

Once again someone mentions they journal. I cannot tell you how often I suggest this to friends when they mention stress or sadness. This is not just only a good thing for writers. I have mentioned before, once on the paper it helps release it from your mind, that is of course unless you are writing prose and want the stream of thought to ponder, stew if you will for a few days, but still...write your ideas and thoughts down.

Allison says, 'The point is to stay calm. To be found before you disappear.' There is so much in these two sentences.

Allison's writing is great. A collection of 'Self-Discovery' in many ways. She often goes full circle, but then she directs you to a root. I wanted to study prose and have found this to be a great study. The way she moves through a thought with such flow and ease, making you think about your own life and relative wonderful. There is sadness hidden in her work. A child always carries such sadness, but she moves dancers through your mind...I always secretly dream of being a dancer, or a figure skater. I glide with such ease. No falling for my clumsy feet. My new dream. To write like Allison Benis White...and so many other great poets I have grown to know.

I do not proclaim to be a great critic, but I know when I like something, and you can go over to the site and check out her book for yourself...

More on Allison Benis White

I also wanted to apologize to Allison and you for stealing's pic for this post...I am giggling at who will try and click on the photo...did you?


Jim K. said...

Sampled some pages...
very lovely rolling rhythm,
and her use of short sentences
is brilliant in making things
clear. Sort of a "considered"
tone to it.

Chef E said...

That reminds me of writing class, an instructor used to drill that into my head, maybe why I wrote one line poetry for so long...I still have trouble with run on sentences LOL yes her work is great!

Just telling it like it is said...

it's okay I lost my mind years ago

Pearl said...

sounds promising and good title.