Saturday, February 26, 2011

Get Sparked, My Round #2

SPARK art from writing: writing from art

This is my second go round in the website, and it can be an up and down ride for ten days. Co-creating, building together, and bringing things to life is satisfying as well.

Let me explain...

You register when they call for artist, photographers, poets and writers. Amy (she is the founder) sends you a welcome email, and explains what SPARK is all about! She then pairs you up with someone. On the day it starts, day one, your partner should have emailed you and said hello.

Whats next...

You send your partner an inspirational piece. Something from your arsenal of work. Published or not. I usually send something fresh, something I just wrote. When you get their work, then you have ten days to produce a 'Response' to their 'Inspirational Piece'.

Fun right...

Here is the 'Inspiration Piece' photograph Christina Brockett sent me, and my 'Response'.

Here is the 'Response' Christina Brockett sent me from my 'Inspiration Piece' poem.

You can view Marybeth Carshaw's 'Inspiration Piece' with my 'Response' here

Then see my 'Inspiration Piece' and Mary Carshaw's 'Response' here

You do not have to be a pro to do this. I am not. Never claimed to be. I enjoy writing. Christina Brockett is a mom, with full time responsibilities just like me. You find time to do this and then enjoy all the work everyone produces together. Its like being in a virtual artistic generated world, but on-line.

Rules of Engagement- Amy Souza,


Jim K. said...

Pretty tumbly, bright piece!
The very end switches up-tone a
bit abruptly, but it's really
joyful and crisp all through.

Chef E said...

Which piece? Sounds like 'The Last Wish I Made Before Midnight'

Debbie said...

I loved it all. You wow me. The whole idea is wonderful-creative-energy-beautiful. :) Thank you so much for sharing!
p.s. you ARE a pro . . .:)