Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Can you handle MY truth? TMI Content

This content could contain information that you might not want to know about is a free do not go any further!!!

Why do we hide behind a mask of what we really think; which can be totally different than what we feel. These things are what made us who we are today...

Fear is the reason, because we cannot handle what someone might think of us.

Well my sister says what the hell she wants, and it never stops her, but she doesn't have many friends either...she talks mostly about bodily functions that I really do not care to hear about, because...I am usually eating or cooking and they just don't go together, and I am too nice to tell her to shut the F'up; unless you are chopping with the big ole' chef knife and it looks like SNL's version of Julia Child spurting all over the place; then tell someone, so you can get stitches!



I decided I needed a blog where I can say what the hell I wanted, and it did not involve my day job, writing, poetry, food and wine, or any kind of creative performance...Somewhere I can write things you might know about me otherwise...and remember do not feel sorry for me, because I am a freak and love life like no others!

PRIVACY NOTICE: If you read this and tell others then you will end up in one of my recipes, but if you feel that you can share...go right ahead, I am a good listener!

1) I was robbed at gun point while I worked at a convenient store in college; your never the same after that.

2) My father was an alcoholic, and my mom was mentally ill...I raised myself!

3A) I thought I was ugly growing up, and look back at pictures and realized I was cute...had a guy from high school tell me a few years back he thought I was sexy.

3B) This reminds me of my first kiss from my brothers friend, and it was gross!

4) I did not like music of my era, because I was forced to listen to country and western music on my parents radio (issues), and my dad's old records like organ music; I like it now, but if I listen it is because I turn it on!

5) I found my dad's Playboy magazines and wished I would grow up with gorgeous boobs like they had (wishes do come true)

6) I have kissed girls and thought I might be gay until I realized I like d*%#, cannot live with out it no matter how pretty some chick is!

7) My favorite color is red-orange, and earthy and purple only count if it is food, and it has to be eaten not worn(oh, I said I would not go there)

8) I can sing, but I am tone deaf (damn, there I go again)

9) Most girls have one boob bigger than the other, mine is the ______ one?

10) I only have one living child, and he is a shit sometimes, but he is just like me

11) I love sweets, but I am a picky sweet eater, so do not offer me nilla wafers with out something to dip them in, like nutella

12) I miss Anelisa, my daughter who died, so bad my heart hurts like a motherf*%#@^!

13) I did not go to my mom's funeral, I wanted to remember her the way she was when I was very little, before she got sick

14A) My dad told me that he was proud of me a week before he died

14B) I read every word of every blog I look at...its called caring!

15) My first crush on men were... Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman and Robert Redford

16A) I have met a lot of celebrities in my business, but this one said he would call me...can you imagine he has not called me yet?

16B) I was not a band groupie until I heard U2 and joined their fan club, it got me in the 2nd row of the POP Tour

16C) I inhaled and I never spit

16D) I think in a former life I drank scotch/whiskey, smoked cigars, and ran a brothel, but my name wasn't Kitty

17) I did an Irishman and a Scotsman while traveling through Ireland many years ago, and when you see me smiling I might be thinking about the either (so! I was a good Irish Catholic for too many years, and married; while other people were doing it!)

18) My favorite flower is the Origami Dahlia, and I like the orange ones

19) Life can really be f'ing ugly sometimes, but we are what make it beautiful!

20) I never lied to my son or his step dad...they know all of this already, and they still think I am wonderful :)


Beth said...

I love these!!!! I too, would love to have a blog that my kids don't know about. I could be so FREE!!!!!

Just telling it like it is said...

It is always good to get things out and guess what if people don't love you because they can't handle the truth...I love saying that "you can't handle the truth" Like I am in the movie a few good men..then if they can't handle it I say F about that sister she sounds kinda familiar..I probably say the grosses things at the worst times...coarse my sister loves that kind of stuff...

Chef E said...

My sister is a 'One Upper', so that is what really bugs me, not the sharing stuff...

poeticgrin said...

I'm stalking you now, and suddenly I feel like I know you better than I know some of my one-night-stands.


That kissing portrait is killer. That's how I felt when I kissed my first girl. Fish and all. HA.

I may or may not have a crush on your son.

I want to be Bono, just for a little while.