Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Support The Arts

I believe in supporting the arts trough going to museums, galleries, musicals, operas, acoustic open mic, and poetry readings...any kind of performance art rates pretty high on my list... amateur or professional is all good...but I also believe in helping my fellow amateur artists. My group here in Jersey, Cultural Art Expression has grown, and we host ages from 12 to 80 something performers each week, and I am proud to give my time to this and any other events that ask me to volunteer outside the kitchen.

TONIGHT, FRIDAY, November 21st, 7 PM:
I wrote and am reading a 500 word piece at the Full Moon Cafe, Lambertville, NJ...there will be judges picking a 1st and 2nd place...I am nervous, because this is only the second time outside of high school that I have stood in front of a crowd and performed for recognition...I get so nervous, shaking in my whole body...but I am going to do it, because we have to pursue our dreams! -E

All stories must be true tonight...mine is...I was an innocent (debatable) eighteen year old working my way through college in Texas...when a lone gunman (no grassy knoll, and I never saw another one) came into my convenient store and changed my life...forever!

I went through countless interrogations by the police...because...I knew what kind of gun he had (forty five magnum) down at his side...and in my face...yes, my father was a hunter...and I loved to shot his guns into the banks of the river when we would go fishing...soon...afterward...nights became my day...I had to quit college...and go to...*gulp* *gulp* school to make my living, and be able to return to college one day (I did)... I still turned out alright (debatable).

Come on guys come support me if you live in the NJ or PA area, at least I am just a writer, I do not plan on becoming a comedian...although the though has occurred to me...the piece I am reading is a different version of this diddy! I will publish it on my 'Poetry' blog after is a take on 'what if' I was a teenager today with all the gadgets they cannot live without!

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