Friday, July 12, 2013

Just Busy...

is the name of the game. Between work and writing and studying, I find time has gone by so quickly.

This was my small stone today on a poetry site I belong...
Busy with studies
of poetry and writers
revisions, writing new drafts, and laughs
because old memories took me
down roads long forgotten.
I give you something my father
used to share, more than his loose change--
don' t take any wooden nickels
from strangers.
(made it into a poem today)

Packing to go to my MFA school
a journey in Cap Cod
maybe no internet, just a
good ole notebook and pencil they said.
I also met with my poetry mentor Monday. I had taken a class with him and his wife and they ask if I wanted to do some one on ones. They found my writing to be worth a focus, for me to aim at getting writing full of things I know. I have tried to write outside of that, but it just doesn' t work. I don' t have that Jessie Carty touch. She can make lines form in a way I just can' t figure out. But I can cook and she can' t nah nah nah. Oh, she and I laugh about that. 
 Getting some of that magic in the kitchen into my poems is also a goal. My fifth project is a recipe poem book. Collaboration of many poets. Then I have some other sights in mind. 
 Hope you are all fine and happy. If not, then work on a goal. It worked for me. And there is a poem over on my site, if you're interested...
Peace friends. -- Chef E, a Texas poet

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