Saturday, June 29, 2013

Feeling the love...

I have to say I have been very blessed in my life. There were times I doubted myself as far as education went, and a few who felt terrorizing me into a corner (names are not worth saying) was a good thing. Well all it did was make me even stronger. Ha! Whose on top of the hill now!

I have been contacted by a well known poet duo to do one on one's in poetry and prose, kind of a protegee. How exciting since I also will be attending FAWC in Cap Cod in two weeks, and they know my instructors.

My goal is to up the anty on my transitions and material. To strengthen what I am already good at, prose poetry and storytelling.

As far as home life, my son is still living with us. He has begun seeing a new girl- a very cute and sweet, but young African American who is part south American and Haitian. She is a criminal law student, plans of FBI and forensic science. How cool since my son told her I love CSI shows, detective drams, mostly BBC lately. Funny convos going around when she stops by! He is not ready to get serious, that is why the last two walked out on him. He is doing major rock climbing with friends, made lots of new ones, and they go into PA to scale very high rocks. Scary.

Hubs got a new job within the same company and is so happy. He sat last night and talked about how he got kudos from the upper management for his work this week. Happy hubs, happy woman. Oh, I was already happy!

Sister news, no news. She has kind of fallen into a group of online gamers on Faccebook LOL yes, I am afraid she will not hold her own as she is even more sensitive than I can be, but hey she is out of my hair most of the time. We talk once a week and I say ahhhh, but I love that little shit! Her partner lost his job, so I don't know what is going to happen. He is still a Mexico resident and not USA, and always said he was going back in his retirement. I doubt she will go, so not sure what she will do. Her income is below poverty. Sigh.

Well, that is it for now friends, I adore and love you all, even the shits out there!

Peace and hugs


(I may have posted this in the past- my photo and taken in PNW from about four or five years ago, boy how time flies!)

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