Thursday, June 6, 2013

Oh Shakespeare, how I did love thee...

Our assignment was to write a sonnet of our choice. The first few days I just could not think, feel inspired, but then I realized no one had submitted a piece for Annapurna Magazine's June Issue-  Strawberry Moon. So, I decided to write something on my own. I also decided to use original Shakespearean form- abab cdcd efef gg rhyme pattern (10 syllables and 14 lines). 

June’s Strawberry Moon
“Now there's no life like the ploughboy's
all in the month of May.” –The Lark In The Morning Song

She wraps around a crescent moons cold sound
    summers crawling playful warmth draws loves pain,
small ivy like hands crept across, broke ground,
    the sixths month's fated to end April's reign.  
Awaiting sweet grains in labor's return,
    lost in brow sweat and lay heaped under earth
the bindweed vines that yoke her heart still burn 
    emerging before morning lights first mirth.
Sweet on lips soft fold; teeth gnashing, grinding,
    tiny seeds even after sleep take tryst—
the lark of mystery no longer hiding
    when release draws closer from the vine of promise.
Maidens remain loyal to the ploughboy
    though his kiss trite beside June’s hearts of joy.

Dear Shakespeare,

I have been in love with you for most of my life, but now that I have labored for two weeks and finally given birth to our love is over. I have moved on.

With the most warm regards,

(photo taken at Grounds for Sculpture- Yebyul and hubs playing with his camera)

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