Monday, May 27, 2013

A Prose By Any Other Name


are seen and unseen here
on this road through urban past
a trip beyond empty buildings
much more lay decayed 
neglect is the overseer
of slaves who felt lashes strike hard
whipped into nothingness
poverty books every boarded up window
disguises doors to closure
no control feeds the day through
and in the darkness bare trees spread out
monsters of nightmares
minion street signs lead innocent to run
into the arms discomfort
same place
same time
its mother moved on long ago.


Anonymous said...

I liked this, Elizabeth! It felt a little sad to me, and strong, at the same time! So good to read your work!! Thank you! - Deb

dash deringer said...

the road one must travel on to meet your destiny... under the dark heavy shadows of your past...

I am responding to your e-mail at the Deringer Files... everything is good...