Monday, July 29, 2013

Over loaded...

Gosh it has been busy. I attended the FAWC school and am back now. I also ran out and helped a friend, you may remember her Randi's Gourmet? Well I agreed to help her set-up for a wine festival this weekend and we stayed over. She spent the night last night as we got in so late last night (mostly from the crappy rain storm, and not being able to see so I drove 40 miles an hour LOL).

Photos? They are coming.

I did make the cut again for the US1 Summer Fiction contest again. They only pick 20 or so from hundreds of entries. This go round 'Pretty Brook #3' was chosen. #1 was chosen for a journal in 08, so I am excited this version made the cut...

Pretty Brook #3
       a scenic Princeton road

sputtering morning hikes
calming after climbing over railing
through brush tributaries that follow paths
wind down as far as eyes can see

babbling points--
the way to the perfect spot 
    fish jumping
    hearts pumping
as lines are thrown to lure

the fresh taste of things to come

cast iron heat anticipation
with a little oil
and sun drenched cornmeal
    breading and baiting
    patience and waiting

listen to the geese, bullfrogs
small birds and feel the breeze
quiet moments of things to come

watch fly fishermen in waders pass
dipping into holes up to their knees
    in and out of glory
    their big fish stories
close behind are children 
with poles, wiggly worms on a hook

generation of teaching, and love move in steady current

eyes under a hat ping along distraction
a poets pen sketches more history than fish
her husband casting new words on falling landscape

dragon fly locomotion
inspiration found —

through meditation and silent laughter
by afternoon moods change from growing hunger
the smell of activity heats up across the road

a private club livens as tennis balls pop the minutes by
it’s time to move along, but tomorrow gives promise
to the sites down off Pretty Brook Road.

Have a great day and Peace all...

 (photo above was taken in one of New Jersey's tributaries off the northern water shed- my husband fishing)

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