Monday, February 18, 2013

I know I promised...

more haunted plantation pics and stories, but then life happened...

It is not a great pic as far as light and all that, but I love Asian buildings-- and the corners. Once, getting very upset at a township for tearing down a begota just up the street; it was an obsolete thing, maybe an eye sore to the new owners, but yet they built a yoga studio with yin and yang signage on the property...I found the Asian structure to be a beautiful sight each day.

This photo was taken either in Seoul or on Jeju Island in Oct 2011 while visiting number one son who taught English for a few years. I did not see the dragon cloud until three am this morning while rummaging through files for a poetry project hubs is developing in his computer language skills.

Anelisa would have been 27 on March 1st; we often cloud wrangled with her brother who loves dragons and has a great one on his shoulder and arm breathing out her date of birth and passing date...just eery in so many ways. I could not help but write a quick poem for this.

Peace friends and family

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