Saturday, February 9, 2013

Haunted By Memory

As promised NOLA #1- dining with ghost.

The Ormond Plantation. Was fabulous. How did I find this place full of history? Well...

I needed a place to stay while attending my step-grandmother's (paternal side) funeral the last week of January. And a week before the Super Bowl 2013. Price were outrageous, but there was no where to be found within 20 or more miles of New Orleans. I got desperate and though maybe I would spring for a Bed and Breakfast, if there was one to be found. The first number on a NOLA tourist site was Ormond Plantation. It looked okay. Their website was a bit vague.

After calling and giving this woman my sob story about not being able to come in because of lack of space in NOLA and the funeral of my long lost grandmother, she was as hospitable as a southerner can be. She offered me the room through the weekend at a OMG'd price, can't say but I will say this. Nice nice nice as can be. She did not even want my credit card. Did I say OMG!!!

I arrived rather late because of the lack of plane availability from here to there, once again the fault of that Super Bowl stuff. Robin, the manager made arrangements for me to have the place unlocked. Unlocked??? Yes, it turns out I had the whole spooky place to myself. I got in my room and locked the door. The front door was locked and I had the key. I simply went to bed and made a deal with the ghosts to wait another day to bother me...

Continued in a few days...and with more photos!

(the photo above was taken with my cell phone- no room in luggage, due to small amount allowed on plane. It is the big dining room, from history of the house, not original, added on, and just me all alone eating a fabulous breakfast- fit for a queen! Below- my second course the first morning, after a bowl of fruit, tea and conversation with Chef Richard)

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