Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I almost quit...


But I am not a quitter!

Daddy always said our family motto was 'Akins might give out, but they never give up!', and it is true, I keep pushing on...

So instead of taking down this blog, because I began a bio-poetry blog for my work Elizabeth Akin Stelling; it will be my author platform for my two upcoming books. There is still no date, but I will list it when things come through. Pasquale and I are working through the edits the publisher sent us, and my own Cast Iron Tempo is also being revised.

I am going to keep using this site for TMI, but I did feel it takes work taking care of all the things and sites I have...and I joined the My Town Friday Shoot Out group again, so will be taking photos and posting their themes. You will get the same oh same ranting from me. If anyone is really out there, as I see there are many hits per day in the google stats.

Now Y'all stay warm and peaceful ya hear!

(photo above created by Moi in bitstrip and in my adobe photoshop!)

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Pearl said...

good to get a domain name.

Even though I have many blogs myself (6 active, a few dormant, plus twitter, FB and Flickr), I find people tend to get loyal and pick one to visit rather than go to them all. One competes against oneself, or provides customized blogs. That's up to the people out there to decide. Good luck with your book.