Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yes, He Is My Nerd and Poetry

Somewhere in this room my very own sweetie is hard at work during a hack-a-thon class. He participates in these very often these days. I am a computer widow. Not a gold, sports, or even a hunting widow. I can live with this. I adore him with all my heart.

He has started reading me poetry, and writes me love programs. How much nerdier can you get?

I wrote this for him a few years ago...


The husband faithfully says “luscious” as he looks upon a wife’s naked body  planting kisses on morning lips    wide brown eyes drink in this eve in undiscovered garden    books and papers lie about like flowers on the blanket vine     unfolding to the day    filling a mind with fragrant knowledge     create dinner’s bouquet at the evenings table    two hands reach down cupping breasts like the child    hungry to feed the hours    a wife quenches    he is her adoring sun rising over majestic mountains    on the coldest days.

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Pearl said...

very sweet.

keep on cherishing each other each day.