Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jury Duty Is A No Go

Yes, I got out of Jury Duty. Actually I was looking forward to it, but as it approached yesterday my immune system floundered me. I ended up to back at the doctors office for two reasons- not feeling well with coughing achy cold symptoms and my meds have had me wacky. Thankfully not the flu. When I called in sick, the woman told me they didn't need me anyway. Uh! Okay then. I clearly sounded ill on her end, and that dry rough voice has two sides.

I won't go into the body is drying up like a prune without the help of meds and how the new pill to ward off high blood sugar while I get a grip on my weight added onto my high blood pressure pill were adding to it all. I was miserable. Christmas was honestly horrible for me. I would eat a spoonful and I became immobilized. It was also adding to my already increasingly grumpy attitude. I already have issues sleeping all night. Cross your fingers taking away the diuretic will help me till some weight comes off. Edema has been an issue since I was 18. So has high blood pressure, because it runs in my family on both sides.

Okay off me, and onto other things. My great nephew was had said to have been in need of heart surgery. They evidently they found a murmur, according to my sister, and you know how I feel about that- she has not been truthful much of her life, as her son, and both suffer from mental illness. I never know what is the truth. God I love her, but it stretches me to have conversations with her. One minute she is saying one thing and the next going against what she says. I believe she does it to cover up her messes in life and to hide the fact she has not lead a great life. She has been in one mess after another. I know you don't know her, but hubs will back me up on this, my son as well.

If Evan did have surgery yesterday, I hope he is fine. She left a message on our home phone, but I can't talk to her. I have been very sensitive lately over this issue, my sister period. We simply cannot talk anymore. It all began before Christmas when she got up set because I wouldn't answer her "its an emergency phone call" while I was driving home. So she called Robert at work, then he called me. She wanted me to do something right then and there, but hubs and I both agreed it could wait until after I got back.

She disagreed and "washed her hands of me", but began calling me again after a few days. I do love her, but her emergency frantic calls about how she needs help to get out of a mess has reached its limits. Have I ever told you I have never met Evan? We buy him gifts and have them sent to her and she reports back. Then tells me her son sells stuff on ebay for money because he and his girlfriend live with her parents?

Sigh. They gave my sister a coat for Christmas and then asked for it back, because they sold it on ebay. Sigh. Then when I brought it up, asking if he sold our gifts she said he never did it. I was making that up and why was I being such a -----. Really. She also told me because I wouldn't pray with her over her grandson, she would pray for me and have a nice life. I saw her at Christmas and wow did she gain weight and she was acting a little wacky.

Maybe she is going through menopause like I have been. Maybe. So much. Too much for me. I think its just another "I need attention". Me me me every time we talk on the phone. I can't tell you the last time she ever called me and said "How are you sister?". Never. The  last thing my father said to me before he passed was to watch out for her because she can't take care of herself. "Daddy, its time for her to grow up."

Sorry for, the long vent. Hubs needs a break. I spare my son as well. We all need a break from that drama.

On a positive note, work is going great. My clients both text me to see how I feel. I adore my new families. I have an admirer too. He is 75 and hubs is getting a kick out of the attention this guy is paying me. I'm growing old with hubs though. One thing at a time! Heh! I am also taking a Adobe Photoshop class once a week for two hours. I may start taking writing classes at the college.

(photo above is to show I can laugh at myself- also finally learned photoshop cropping in class- Go ahead and laugh, because I am! A sense of humor works wonders doesn't it.)


~JarieLyn~ said...

I'm taking a photoshop class on Sunday. Your sister sounds like someone I have in my ife. Just breathe.

Chef E said...

Thanks for the comment JarieLyn, yes I have been told many have sisters like her, and I even know a sister who denies hers is like me :) I am not perfect, and will love her till the end of days...

I could take a class in one day, or one in two days, but I am spending the extra time and money to take it over a course of weeks; it will stick better. One on one is just better overall...

Pearl said...

selling presents already given away. that sounds erratic. most people don't mean to be crazy-makers. what can you do but shrug and look after you.

my sympathies with you lungs. It took me two weeks of coughing but I managed not to cough a lung up.