Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Escaped With Only A Few Slices

If you follow my food post, you will see what comes out of my kitchen from time to time. This past week I couldn't sleep and though I would try my hand at baking. Something I don't do often, but manage a 99 percent tasty treat!

Fighting this diabetes wrap has been a hard one, since I like my carbs and sweets, but I am doing fine so far. I managed to go days without more than a bite to test it, sent half to work with my son, and usually hubs gets the honor of treating his co-workers. Sons fellow inmates at work gave it a big thumbs up. Half the sugar and made with graham flour, Chappatti in Indian cooking terms.

Well, off the sweets...I have had some sad news come my way while preparing dinner tonight- my mom's step-mother passed away this morning. She was estranged from us, along with my three aunts and young uncle. Tammy the oldest was my age, a few months older, and the others trailed after my little sister who is almost three years younger than I. We joked about them being aunts and uncle, but Tammy and I were often confused with being twins with our red hair and freckles and contagious laughter together.

I will be seeing them all this week at the funeral. It is oddly freakish that my oldest sister and I had not laid eyes on each other after years of estranged silence; she also lived with us when I was young and appeared at my moms fathers funeral. A sad reunion of sorts on all accounts. My travels will take me to New Orleans in the next few days. Not sure if I will drive or fly.

Fighting the family weirdness and dependencies has been even harder. I am still not speaking to my little sister since she washed her hands of me twice after I spoke the truth to her. My son has little to no family in his future, and as a male with no emotional ties to them, he seems to be fine with it.

I hope this finds you all at peace in your own journey is always an adventure, and I hope yours is as well...

(photo taken by me of my son rock climbing- I go and watch him from time to time, and we talk about what he needs to work on.)

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