Saturday, October 22, 2011

Me In My Eyes

Did you know Picasso wrote poetry? Most people do not, unless they have studied him. My kids loved his work when we would visit museums during school field trips. I took them when I home schooled, art was a big part of their lessons.

I have abandoned sculpture engraving and painting to dedicate myself entirely to song.

— Picasso to Jaime Sabart├ęs April 1936, he was fifty four years old.

Poetry became his alternative outlet after divorce, and a few other emotional trials.

My children took an art camp one summer and enjoyed learning about Picasso and three other well known artists. I still have those paintings in storage, if the NJ bugs haven't devoured them.


dogs eat at the night
buried in the yard
they chase the moon in a pack
the white of their teeth
compared to stars

the windows close against them
iron bars in transparency

life closes against them

the morning will crush them to dust
with only the wind left
to stir them up

So many of them inspire me to write and sketch...

Jessie Carty spoke in a post last week about how we can go periods without writing. Often our lights are turned off in one room so we can move into another area of creative endeavor. It's how I roll.

Sadly on my trip there was no cooking. I was invited to cook in a friends house when we return from Jeju this week. He is fond of certain things I can teach his new wife and has a much larger apartment with all the updates. My son's kitchen is an eight of a galley, smaller than a small yacht galley would be.  My body is sore, and I posted some photos on Facebook.

(photo above belongs to moi- Seoul South Korea night life area, Gangnam-gu, where I was held captive until 3 AM. I was the only sober one in the group. We had dinner with my son and Andi's engaged friends, Jeff and Cindi, whom is Korean)


Debbie said...

So glad you are doing well in your travels . . .even if you're sober. teehee!
And thank you for reminding me about moving into another room, creatively, when the writing shuts down. :) I have lots of things I would like to try . . .not have to be good at, but just try!
Thank you for your poem up a Jessie's for Make Friday Write! :) I loved the last stanza!

Chef E said...

You're so funny Debbie! I am not drinking much these days, never really have but wine with dinner. I have to walk and walk and walk, so to keep up with them!

Jim K. said...

"Dogs" is tres cool!
Nice crazed metaphors.

Anonymous said...

No cooking. Isn't that good sometimes? I feel like the chef would want to leave the cooking to someone else~at least for a little while.

I would think that most painters are poets~though maybe not published ones. ~Mary

Pearl said...

sound like a good time.

yes, I find one creativity displaces another. when I don't have to cook, I write more. photography satisfies the itch to write too. teaching uses the same creative part of the brain.