Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This is a work in progress...

While driving through the cloud covered and rainy mountains of Kentucky I began to see lush green vines that draped the rocky cut out paths along the highways. Turns out that this plant is like a relative that comes to visit and never leaves.

Eventually coming upon this house that was floating on it's sea of green; immediately I fell in love with the idea it would make a good subject for my camera lens and pen. Inspired by its beauty and not knowing about the plant, I soon began to discover man's disenchantment with his decision to bring it over from China in the early 1930's.

I found that most vines I grew in my yard in Texas would over take what ever lay in their path; unless you stay on top of its yearly growth, and keep new growth cut back. This house lost its keeper, and therefore the past it once held has become trapped in the Kudzu's deadly grip...

Most of us spend; life
stomping out weeds
shouting out loud
deprived of love.

Scented air lifts
rain falls gifting kiss
leaving sediment; debris
covering life giving crown.

Lush and green
transformation seen
usurping poverty's beams
too much of a good thing.

Fearless beauty is born
hearts become torn; awhile
moon and stars rest
upon your choking sea.

© E Stelling, 2009

An interesting Japanese article on 'Kuzu', or as we know it Kudzu...

I will be revising this poem as it is newly written under stress of making dinner, endless phone calls, husband disturbance, and random day to day kudzu in my own life! Any remarks on its flow, or direction shall be taken under consideration, and welcome. This is something new I am trying with my TMI site, and mistakes are bound to be missed...


Gordon said...

Very impressive photography and poem, Elizabeth. We should all be as determined as kudzu.

~JarieLyn~ said...

I love your photos and your poem. I couldn't hear any mistakes. I thought it flowed well and your words are wonderful.

Rachel Cotterill said...

I love those photos! So vibrant, and it really looks like you could swim in it :) I'd never heard of kudzu... I wonder if we have a different name for it, or if it's just one weed that hasn't reached our little island.

Kerry said...

Ah Kudzu; we used to live in Alabama, where it grows freely. I used to make baskets from its vines. It has made a great subject for your photographs and writing!

Chris said...

Kudzu, the bane of the South. Fortunately, it dies off with the first freeze each year. I always joke with Alexis that some day they'll find an important use for it, like that it is the AIDS vaccine or something.