Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Caddy Shack Moment?

Yes, I would have to say that is one big hole in the ground. A new golfer might like to drive some shots on a green like this, but sorry it belongs to one big ground hog that taunts me every year. How do I know its the same one, because it sits on the last corner turn before going into my housing development.

Yep, every now and then I look over on the side of the road and see this big dark looking thing. Could it be a log, or a pipe I do not remember seeing before. Just as I pull up, around it turns. A creature is looking right at me. Taunting me as I grab my camera, and then it is gone back into the tall grass. I discover its a ground hog. They live all over Central Jersey.

Hubby and I were out for a Sunday drive recently, and just as I was telling him about the creature from that dark abyss, and about the same time...we both say, "There it is!"; then we both yell "Grab the camera" and "hurry, before it"...ooops! Darn it, that thing went down into the ground.

You never know when Friday Shoot Out might have a 'Large Hole in the Ground', or Local Wildlife' assignment, so I say to him, "Hey, I will turn around while you go walk over there and see if you see anything, and maybe take some pictures". He agrees to be brave, and goes to investigate for me.

So, I turn the van around and pull over to the side of the road. Sweetie creeps over, and around the trees. He reminds me of the time he just had to get too close to the Longhorns while we were in Houston (another good story). I think he might be a little afraid of getting bitten. Yep, if you could have only seen him s-l-o-w-l-y creeping over to where I saw it disappear, he takes out the camera...turns it on....and I yell out "Look behind you"!!!

I will let you imagine what happened after that...yes, I have a sense of humor. There were two holes, and you know how them sneaky critters can be, as I am laughing my arse off in the van!

Patience pays off, but all I can think of is how tasty those dandelions in this picture would be in a nice woodchuck stew...


blueviolet said...

Don't you dare!

gigi said...

That is awesome! I can't believe he actually got such a great shot, way to go!

I didn't know you knew my Katherine. Congrats on your award too :)

Jeanne said...

I've never eaten groundhog, but my Appalachian hunter-type relatives tell me that it's very fatty. Yuck!

Chris said...

They're much braver than that around here. The only thing that scares them is overhead shadows. But they'll stand on the roadside looking right at you.

farmlady said...

Run little woodchuck, RUN. They're so cute..., how could you? They are probably too tough to eat anyway.

Haiku about a Woodchuck

Woodchuck stew simmers
fragrant dish on chilly night
can't eat the silence.

...Maybe a dog would help.

Chef E said...

I should have said "I see woodchuck salad in my lends"... I went back and waited for the ground hog...I promise I would not hurt the little things, although they are quite huge here!

They are really not afraid Chris- I swear this one waits for me on the corner by the road, soaking in the afternoon sun, and I can hear him laughing as he waddles off into the brush!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I saw one in my driveway and now there are three...right now. I wish they would just move on! <><

Just telling it like it is said...

interesting you caught the corprate on film;)r