Thursday, September 12, 2013

Water Under The Bridge

I am going to tread on water here, most definitely not walk on it, I'd sink like a rock. But I decided not to get on social media on September 11th. I tire of endless status remarks about what happened that day 12 years ago. Mainly because my daughter passed away a year earlier. When it all took place on television and in NYC I was numb. I could not even feel sympathy, sure I was not happy about it, but as I found out from others who suffered losing a loved one (a child especially) they said the same thing.

A poem came out in the process of meeting others who shared watching television and how we felt that day and days, years afterward. Now I am sure the families of those lost can relate when they also watch a life and death situation on the news. It's just awful, the worst feeling to lose someone you love. I wonder how many have lost a child on Sept 11th and cannot cope period. PTSD can take its toll.

Losing a child might seem harder, but I respect those who have lost period.

Twin Tower I.

Many of us sat and watched from the couch
when one by one NYC twin towers

were hit by planes, taken by terrorists.
People began jumping from windows, but

still numb from my own explosion of bad news
a world no longer spinning with life-

I wanted to dive into the screen
pull each one back into their prospective place

discuss how sad life had gotten
how tiny hearts wrap you up

hold you hostage as their disease squeezes
that terror of not knowing the end date.

Fourteen years earlier I sat in a similar place
and watched a space shuttle blow up

holding my baby- hoping those who died
their loved ones would be okay

walking a road of grief no one is prepared for
as new life is celebrated.

There is a II, but it will remain in my m/s until I publish.

PS- I stole this title from a beautiful poet KMPoetry, my apologies and go check out her site!
Kara M Poetry 

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