Friday, August 17, 2012

Time Bandits

Who is stealing all of our time?

Two weeks go by so fast these days. Its not summer's fault, because of the rain I find days do go by faster. I'm not outside as much due to my asthma, but we have been running here and there.

What's up folks?

I was published again, and will be again September 1st and will post the link when they let me know. Last night I was honored at a reception for fiction writers and poets. A bunch of nice people. Many of whom I know or have seen on the writing circles in Princeton. I got up and read my poem 'A Summer's Kiss' from memory. It is a piece written almost five years ago. Glad everyone enjoyed the surprise ending. I dedicated it to my mammaw who taught me to love home grown tomatoes.

My son loves tomatoes. We go through them like crazy! Above you see him in his usual white t-shirt which I cringe. I often tell him to go put another shirt on over his wife beater shirt and then both hubs and him bark at me about how it is not a wife beater shirt and blah blah blah. I know it's not, but he is so handsome, I'd prefer him to show off in another shirt. Oh well, gotta love'em anyway...

He starts full-time college classes pretty soon. We are all excited he will finally get it all behind him. The sad thing is, the college here is not taking many of his credits from St. Louis. Sucks, but he will be fine.  We teased him and said it was practice. No smile though, just a look.

Well have a great weekend, and hope you are all fine and well. I'm going to Texas soon and am pretty excited about my visit with friends and family, and then its onto a writing retreat on beautiful Lake Travis in Austin. Then back home, and...hubs surprised me with a trip to Hawaii! My poet and musician open mic friend Jennie lives on the big island. She is an observatory operator, a degree in Astronomy, and has offered us her house for two weeks. Oh the fun and the about the time bandits hitting me hard...POW!

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Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Kids...whatcha gonna do? He is handsome, you're right. We had trouble with my son losing credits from transferring too. It's dumb because he essentially had to repeat courses because of it. :(

Yay for you being published!