Monday, August 6, 2012

Desolation Row

I'm listening to some Bob Dylan (a borrowed lyric). Head pressure is trying to keep me down a few notches, otherwise I'm fine (hands in the air mom Val).

Not much to catch you up on. Quiet writing weekend. Did have an interview with a monthly music, arts, and poetry magazine, 'Lamplighter' email sent to me from June this year. The PDF file, which included page 26 where Annmarie Lockhart and another interviewed me. Not the whole thing, but parts of it. It turned out pretty good. No link though, you just have to believe me.

My son begins his studies at Rutgers University in a few weeks. He could only do a few years of on-line classes, and he had to switch, since his major requires what they offer. Sadly he lost quite a few of the credits from St. Louis University, but he will manage. He will live with us until he completes it all. We have given him the chance to be free of rent and etc. He has to help around the house and cook and other errands we need.

Other than that things are fine. Hope you are all fine. I'm going back to my writing, talk to you all later!


farmlady said...

Sorry about the head-ache. Having pain is so hard on the psyche. The music should help some.
Giving your son a change to go to school and live at home is HUGE. You are giving him an opportunity to get ahead without accumulating a national debt. Good on you.
Congrats on the interview. I believe you are a rising star, my dear.
Take care.

Jim K. said...

Good tale of persistence
at Rutgers. Keep walkin on..