Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Is Sprung

What kind of flowers grow between your nose and chin?

Why 'two lips' of course! (blame my son)

He has been running around telling this joke all weekend, because I ask him to tame his humor down around the hubs mom and step-mom. When he and hubs are around each other the vulgar male side comes out and they forget I am in the room. Is this a testosterone thing? I don't get it, because they are so behaved around the girls. I guess I am one of the boys to them!

Wasn't it a gorgeous weekend? Foggy Friday and Saturday night, but still sunny and perfect!

Well things are going okay. It has been a bit stressful getting Aaron up to speed on our house rules if he is going to live with us. He got a job and started yesterday. Back in his old role like in St. Louis, food service. Seems mom had a great influence.

It was the job he applied for he really crossed his fingers for. I am happy for him. He doesn't have a drivers license though. His was stolen in Asia. We are not sure what he will do. He has to contact St. Louis and see if they can send him a copy. Otherwise NJ is strict on their point system and his personal affects are in Texas with his aunt.

I am hoping he takes the bus. I absolutely do not want him to drive my new car. It scares me, and I want to keep our gas money low- our food bill hasn't really changed since hubs is working so much. My son also eats healthy, so it helps me stick to my diet.

Well, I have to work Wed, Thur, and Friday so I am going now. My writing time has been limited the past three weeks and thank goodness Aaron is leaving with friends today...give me space and time for drafts and an outline for a funny story he, Grandma Val and I developed while winery hopping Saturday for St. Paddy's Day. Here is a peek at more of my son's sense of humor...(above)he was an Irish Rabbi in this outfit...and a view of him from my reverse camera...

(Intro photo is my mother-in-law's flowers in the front entry- aren't they gorgeous!)

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Pearl said...

good to hear you're doing well among the shuffle and bustle. Irish rabbi eh?