Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beautiful Days Ahead

It's A Long Walk Home

Your tears and your suitcase
have been rolling down that old track
if you find you are weary
here, a good chance and a place to rest
in fields of love and color

brother and sisters, always welcome
my door most often, always open

lost souls and gamblers
c'mon in and sit for a while
no one will ever push you aside
skies above, a solid roof over head
its for sure- dark clouds are just passing by

often we are swallowed up
passing ships and wandering storms
closing tired eyes to make it all disappear
missing yellow orange morning sails
our faith that goodness can  and will

prevailing captains will chart a course
but that is what makes life what it is
no dream is ever the same
or a season ever come without some change
ready or not, let it go and watch it fly.

First draft of this poem, and my first rejected poem for 2012 is over at...Make Friday Write by Jessie Carty

(photo above- my son, Aaron in Thailand. He said the butterfly was laying on its side, but flew away.)

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findingstrengthtostandagain said...

What a beautiful poem and a spectacular picture. I can always feel the strong emotion and care you put into your writing. What a gift you share with us all! Thank you for this.