Sunday, April 10, 2011

Journal: Busy busy busy

I am not complaining either. My work load had halted almost to a dead stop a year ago, after years of working, sometimes two jobs, and now I have several offers for kitchen jobs. I went for an interview with the college, but they are not paying much. I do better with the catering gigs I get here and there, and would rather use my skills at the teaching job I have had in Trenton for quite a few years now. The kids are worth it.

I also am heading up a team of people to feed the homeless, and we start tomorrow. As I said before, the writing and such will be tricky, but I can do it. All the activity is helping me to lose weight. I have a reading and open mic to attend tomorrow by invitation, so excited about that. I am going to start video taping again, and share some of the poets work. I hear the two who open tomorrow are really 'funny', as well as good writers.

The weather here is off and on cold, warm, cloudy and sunny. Make up your mind Mother Earth. I managed not to use it as an excuse and went to church today. My second week in a row. We are hoping this place is a good fit for our spiritual needs. They are a liberal congregation, accepting of all beliefs and lifestyles. Today during the service Bernie, one of my new friends read a poem he wrote about a fifteen year old girl who is buried in a local cemetery. It bothers him a child would die before their parents, and he wanted to immortalize her, and the band turned it into a song; it was kind of a bluegrass medley. I was in tears.

As you know I miss my daughter so much, and also think of the lost when I see a tomb stone as Bernie did. Which brings me to my client, her daughter passed away and it was hard on me too. She is pregnant again, and I will be going back to work for the family as their personal chef in the fall, so my life is getting back to busy, the way I like it. I also have begun to submit my writing, so the next weeks will be mixed with nervous, but I am hoping to grow from my experiences. Like ridding the negative, and replacing it with positive.

I believe if you have a talent and are not doing anything with it, why waste it. You should do something with it, even if you volunteer once a month or more. Keeping busy around the house, having a hobby, and expanding your mind is good for the soul. Something my grandfather proved to be true. Well, hubby put his Dilbert DVD in, so I guess its a message to go do something else!

(Photo- Something I took in the Washington Islands, 2008)


keri said...

Well aren't you the busy one. I love that you're staying engaged, that's more than I can say for myself...

thanks for you comments on my comments for sale post. I am in agreement with you there.

now that i have so many problems with spacing on blogger, posts are taking up to 3 hours to complete. it's making me crazier than ever and I don't know how to fix it. if its going to stay this way i'm considering deleting them all together. just sickening.

have a great day, friend. later, Keri

Keri said...

Well, you have inspired me. I'm filling out my volunteer application today for a local hospital.

You're right about people leaving ingredients out of recipes, I hadn't considered that. And great stuff to know about crabs. you're awesome. we may have to try it one day soon.

thanks again, Keri

Toon said...

For whatever reason, I don't have this blog on my feed.
(I'm following now)

Debbie said...

Thinking of you, as opportunities keep knocking on your door . . .and you keep answering. :) I love the picture too! Are you thinking about submitting any photos? I love photos . . .They say so much without words. You take care and remember to give yourself some down time. I'll keep a look out for your next poem!

Chef E said...

Thanks Debbie- I will get something up and be over to your site soon. I have taken a mental break of sorts the past week :)