Monday, November 30, 2009

Back In The Kitchen

I am happy to say that I am back up in full swing in my professional status as a kitchen manager/chef in a local establishment. I will be able to develop and teach cooking classes, do my boutique catering in a commercial kitchen, and still have time to write. I also have my contract job at Isle Youth Build, teaching inner city kids basic culinary classes, as well as counsel them in job training once a week.

My food poetry gig is in full swing, but the radio station, Crop To Cuisine has decided to move forward with redesigning a website (I am glad on that note, and shared my feelings with the owner), and will be airing reruns in through December. They are going to be picked up nationally by NPR, but for now they are featured on (Out of Boulder, CO).

Once they are up to speed in January, my food poetry feature will be back up. The owner has told me that I sparked an interest, and I could be viewed as a pioneer in adding this style to 'Locally produced news and public affairs talk show'. Crop To Cuisine is a worthwhile radio show on its own. Featuring nationally food related topics about various food and food trends.

Staying positive in my life changes has been a hard road. If you have ever read 'Who Moved My Cheese' and other type reads on learning to live with change knows that at my age redesigning your life is no easy task. I feel it has always been part of a plan, design for my own greater good in heart and soul.

Bring it on! I am up to the challenge...


Patty said...

I am so happy that you back at your trade and moving along. Good luck in all your ventures. You deserve the best!

GingerV said...

congrats on filling your life with things you love to do. I envy you these pleasures.... just don't forget about us as you move so far forward so quickly.