Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Open Mic Mayhem

Today's post is to just vent. I have been running the Cultural Art Expression Open Mic for over a year now, and with patience it has grown. Two or three times a month we meet at a local coffee house near my home. I enjoy going, but sometimes lately I am finding it a chore. If I am working I have to rush to make it on time. I am finding that I would rather go home and take a swim, and relax. No, I take my organizing duties seriously and show up each time to moderate the nights two hour gig.

We have a website that we advertise on the internet. If anyone is interested in performing they go to the site and sign up. We have been limited to a time frame for which I hate, but no choice in this matter. The owners of the coffee house have every right to cut it off so that their workers can clean up and close on time. We have an eleven performer limit because of the time limit, and we could go way over that, but because we have to stop, we cannot fit more. The only rules outside of that is each performer can do two pieces of work, or under ten minutes, and we ask that they respect one another and stay the whole two hours unless they discuss it with me first. The house rule is that no one brings in outside food to eat.

Last night every rule was broken, performers were going to each other and taking it upon themselves to lecture the rule breaker when they should be talking to me, people were coming to me complaining about this and that...blah blah blah...crap crap crap. I fill like I am running a daycare on these nights, and I was in such a damn good mood for the first hour and half, but then the last half hour becomes pure hell. I cannot even think straight. What the hell is wrong with these people.

My husband suffers when this happens, because I come home and just want to sit quietly and veg out to come down from the crap. Therefore he does not get my attention, since he has not seen me all day until late evening. Last night was it! I told the performers at the end of the night, and at the microphone that they needed to stop. If anyone has any complaints they come through me, and after it is over, so I can enjoy myself. No outside food, or they are out. They do not realize I am the one the owner comes to when they do this crap, and she hears about it. Believe me the employees do tell the owner everything.

One good thing did happen... I got to sing and play along with Howie. We have been practicing some songs together, and my dream is to perform on my own one day as a singer/songwriter at open mics.

I am back to walking, swimming and staying more active, less eating, and told hubby to back off from the opening wine so often. I have lost weight, and moving forward. *Swosh* (remember that one...down the crapper) I have had to do this with any negative thing related to me or my work. People should focus on them selves and stop worrying about what someone else is not doing the way they think things should be done.

The next open mic is going to be a great one!

Being positive and staying focused is the road that leads to a healthy life!


blueviolet said...

I love that positive attitude. Next time will be smooth sailing! And yay for the singing! :)

gigi said...

Yay! Hope you feel better :) Venting really helps and we are here to listen. Good for you! Go after your dreams. Stay positive.

Chris said...

Yes, think positive, that's my way of living.

For example, someone doesn't follow the rules at Open Mic night? Fine, no problem at all. I'm just POSITIVELY going to wrap the mic cord around their neck until they POSITIVELY pass out;)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Keep up the positive attitude chickie-and remember there is always an open mic here for you!
Go check out my other blog and join us!