Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Sweet in so many ways...

Have you ever traveled for 24 hours? We did. It took me longer to fly home than it did to fly to our destination. Yeah yeah yeah, I'm complaining again. Sure, did you expect me to go to a foreign country and not complain about something?

I'm just a wee bit grumpy arriving home at 2 something in the morning.

TMI details about my trip:
  • I was tired of Korean food by the eighth day, with nine left to go. There is not as much western food, or at least of what we are used to. There versions are off by a lot of ingredients, and I don't eat burgers, even here in the states. 
  • Broke my right foot toes for the third time. Long, long, long story...
  • Hubby and my son walked my rear off (more than a few miles each day- try 20 per day with my asthma. Well it felt like it!)
  • Had to put up with a cranky and tired hubby due to opposite time change, but I was not allowed to complain when he woke me up three times during the night. We also slept on a hard double cot each night.
  • Hubby was sick the last three days, not a fun flight with our two connections (happened twice on trips before) from food poisoning. 
  • My son also had it eight days before him, from another meal, and kept us up all night (bathroom next to our cot). Men. They eat anything! Do not eat unidentified mystery meats or raw fish late in the day, or before you travel.
Okay, back to the 'sweet' side of this post. Each year hubby gives into the commercialism side of Halloween. He buys two large bags of junk mixed candy and waits for the kiddos to show up. The past three years there has been less and less of the little goblins, or even over the age limit teenagers knocking on our door. Last year only two before we retired for bed. This year, we would be gone. I cannot tell you how happy I was not to see the candy in our basket.

I thought it was a given- no lights, no kids, and no candy... to tempt my sweet tooth. Uh huh, sure, that was until we arrived home last night at 2 AM. As I got my key out I thought "Is someone taunting me?" (photo above)

I scooted the contraband out with my foot from the under side of the storage closet to see if it was a mere and equally tease of an empty wrapper. Left by some sneaky kid who couldn't wait to get home, or out of sight of an unsuspecting parent's watchful eye, leaving trash on my door step. Hubby feels if it is not good chocolate, then it is trash. But yet he buys it for them each year, go figure, because he won't eat it otherwise!

It speaks to me, even now. Like a sugar zombies constant craving for "Eat more candy...", and yes, I have not picked it up. I am afraid to touch it, since there is no food in my house due to our long trip. What is a sweet-aholic to do?

Tonight, I am heading for the nearest Tex-Mex restaurant for nachos. Even if it means I have to run screaming like a child to the car, stepping over that evil candy, a mini at that. You would think On-The-Border in Korea would have had shipped real salsa in from the states right? Noooooo, theirs tasted like kimchi!

On one last note...I got calls from neighbors asking if we were alright. I had no phone service in Korea, so calling them back was not an option. Did they know that I was a sweet-aholic and might not leave a candy bar on the porch? Or did they put it there to lure me out? Someone has been up to no good. That pooper scooper we threw out after we lost our dog would come in handy about now...


farmlady said...

This is so funny, Liz. Not the first part(about the trip), but the forbidden candy on the ground. This may take some CSI investigative work on your part. Who leaves candy on the ground, after Halloween, right where you could trip over it and break another toe? That's just criminal.

I'm glad you're home and in one piece. It didn't sound like a great trip.
Tell us about the broken toe, soon.

Chef E said...

Don't get me wrong Mrs. C, I enjoyed my son, but I have had a problem with my feet since I was 18, now the swelling has become annoying on our trips. I am a picky eater in many ways too...

Pearl said...

Must feel strange to be home. Our place always feels a different size when we return. We've done the 24 hour travel route. good stress test, that.

I tend to fall into food poisoning or something that needs antibiotics for half the trips we take. it's par for course I suppose.

having an apartment rented and never needing to deal with restaurants helps out with picky eating. it made our last trip a lot easier.

got ice for your toe?

Chef E said...

Pearl, we do the same, rent at least two places with a kitchen so I can cook. My son had one, very very small, and I cooked twice...pasta for us girls, and fish for the guys. Otherwise I ate soup and salad as much as I could find it. His girl friend is a vegetarian, so it helped keep me on track.

Yes, ice on feet, a good thing.

Jim K. said...

Sleep, sleep, Mex, and sleep
to you! And slow walks maybe.
I like a big bowl of
pho when getting better..very lean.

On The Border is very clean
and good quality stuff..

Anonymous said...

That sort of trip= a chef's craving for Tex Mex. Ok....
I sort of get it :-).
I will never forget the year dad bought the "light" candy bars ...advertised for those who were dieting...& gave them to the fat little kids. ( I do not believe they were marketed for the kids venue)
Oh so rotten.
But I hate to admit...a little funny. He meant well. ~Mary