Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Family can be a wonderful reason to be thankful.

I have all the pies baked, cranberry, pumpkin and banana breads baked, and more to load up in the car for our long drive tonight, and I wanted to throw a hello your way.

Hubby's mom had sever back problems now, so all the women in the family get assigned one cooking job to contribute for the large meal. He has seven other siblings that may or may not appear around a rather large table. We also stay over at his step mom's house the following day and I cook. She does not cook, so it is a treat for her when we come.

Hubby and I wish you the best of what you desire for the day!

OH BTW I got my re-do test results in...BETTER THAN MY NUMBERS HAVE EVER BEEN! Lower than last years or the years before that. Whoo Hooo for me! Not the meds either, because I have not taken them long enough. It's the fact I have been exercising and eating right the past year, with some eating back sliding along the way in moderation.

Why was my test off in September, and scaring the hell out of me? Because I confess I got hungry before my 2 PM fasting appointment, having maybe some cereal or soda thinking it would not affect the long term number, but it did. My lower numbers have even gone down since my last physical and blood work. I may not look so great in that photo and that shirt, what was I thinking? But I was tired, we had walked a long way off the subway to meet my son's friends for Shabu Shabu (boiled meat and vegetables, or known as Hot Pot here in our country) in Korea. I love my family.

Another reason to celebrate!


GingerV said...

Thanks for stopping by 'Flowers' it was really good to hear from you. Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving. hugs from Rio de Janeiro.

Anonymous said...

A little eating like that can definitely cause a crucial alteration. I'm so pleased for you that the numbers are good, & the small mistake considered.

Oh, I have some crappy pictures too...I just don't post pics..It is a real photo. No one wants to see people's glamour shots. ~Mary

Anonymous said...

Awesome! We had 15 and my wife and I cooked and cleaned for seriously 10 hours straight. Boy was I tired, but it was a good -no, UNBELIEVALBE- meal.

Happy Thanksgiving, E.

Pearl said...

great news! happy thanksgiving.